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CDML Personal Calculator 3.0

This calculator includes Scientific Evaluation, Memory and Financial functions
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CDML Personal Calculator is a convenient tool that includes 9 different selectable conversion modes including English/Metric Conversions as well as 7 Memory and 8 Financial functions. The program displays the Standard Calculator mode window. Changing between modes is made easy by clicking the Next or Previous mode arrows. All the completed operations are recorded by the program's Tape and are displayed in the tape display window above the modes display. The Tape Display is the equivalent of a till receipt or the tape on an adding machine, and it is very useful for reviewing or annotating your calculations. It will continue to reflect your actions until you clear it and you can print the tape or publish its content to Notepad or another program.

The keyboard displays the Standard Calculator Operator buttons and memory functions are available for storing, recalling, adding and subtracting, and clearing the Memory. You can copy your Readout, or results, to the clipboard too. The properties of the calculator are customizable and you can set them from the Prop option displayed in the menu bar. Conversions include Metric to English/English to metric for distance, weight, area, temperature and Time conversions. For Financial calculations, answering questions produces results in the tape in relation to interest payments of annuities based on periodic, fixed payments and interest rates, etc. The Scientific Expression evaluator follows the operator hierarchy and algebraic grammar rules.

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  • A printable Tape Display is included


  • A scrolling text ad is displayed across the interface
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